EM 920

The SATEC Model EM920 eXpertmeter™ is an advanced energy analyzer in a socket meter with precise measurement and expansion capabilities.


The EM920 eXpertmeter Series is used in electric utility inter-ties, any electrical substation where precise information is required for planning purposes, and monitoring primary customers on the service entrance to provide a higher service in quality of power.
Install at legacy substations where little to no information is currently provided. Just replace existing socket meter and instantly provide information previously unattainable. Long term monitoring and storing capabilities allow for many months of information storage. Record Time Of Use (TOU), load profile, Min/Max, custom reports etc. - essential information used for planning and maintenance engineers. Multiple simultaneous communications allow communication via MODBUS, DNP3.0, and MV90 while retrieving power quality events such as SAG/SWELL and transient detections.
View Harmonic conditions locally to determine the cause of problems by utilizing its unique "Directional" Harmonics Power flow. View real time Oscillography and determine quality of power.


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