EM 720

ExpertPower™ Pro leverages EM720 communication capabilities. The online service provides a set of Power Quality analysis tools alongside weekly and annual standard compliance reports.


The power quality statistics and reports are implemented according to EN50160. A rechargeable back-up battery allowing for accurate logging of major dips and interruptions is a unique feature of this instrument.
The eXpertmeter all-in-one solution has been developed to comply with the most demanding customer requirements in energy generation and distribution (power stations, electric companies, substation operators, electric energy system integrators) and in energy consumer segments (industrial and commercial).
The eXpertmeter can serve as a main revenue meter or test meter to manage advanced energy supply contracts that include a commitment to the most demanding power quality standards.
The eXpertmeter can be used to resolve disputes between electric energy suppliers and consumers regarding power quality standard violations.
This device provides the most advanced communication capabilities, such as built-in infra-red port, serial communication (RS-232/RS-485), Ethernet and USB. With its hot swapping field replaceable modules, the eXpertmeter can be tailored to specific needs by adding additional communication capabilities, I/O capabilities or auxiliary power supply.


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EM 720